Laser Tag Equipment - The DarkLight V7 Vest
A revolution in wearable technology
See the colours, feel the sound



A Part Of You

The DarkLight V7 Vest maximises its connection with the human form. Flush to your body, the power courses right through you. Combined with the Phaser, the Vest immerses you like no other wearable technology.


Flexes - fits all sizes

The Vest's shoulder straps spread apart and its structural flexibility adapts to any body shape. 

Vest fits big or small

Leather for Comfort

The Vest is made of leather - material prized since the dawn of Man for its comfort and durability. Its softness allows forgiveness to impacts, ensuring it lasts. It even looks better with age.


Six Blobs™

Two Blobs™ sit on each shoulder, one on your stomach and one on your back. The result is a light show, visible and taggable from all angles. The Blobs™ vividly display team colours, modes and game events so you intuitively know exactly what is going on.


Stomach rumbling audio

Transmitted straight to your chest, the deep sound (13w - 40Hz) resonates through you as if coming from you. It is a new way to experience sound.


A full massage

Six high G vibrator motors positioned near the Blobs™ deliver haptic feedback of unprecedented power to the whole of your torso. From subtle taps on the shoulder to shivers up the spine or stomach butterflies, the vest can emulate suspense and beat your heart stronger and faster. Synchronising to the sounds and music the vibros pulse, accelerate, and literally rock your body.



Cableless recharging


Another tried and tested DarkLight innovation, the Vests charge automatically on the racks. Along with a high capacity battery, our intelligent charging and power management system keeps the packs running again and again.