Laser Tag Equipment - The DarkLight V7 GEM
The Game Enhancement Modules (GEMs) are placed around the arena for the players to interact with. They can be a team base, a goal, a giver or taker.



Game Enhancement

The GEM has been at the heart of DarkLight games since the beginning. Truly a Game Enhancement Module, it is the interactive link between players and the Arena. 


Using the same CPU board as the Pack, the GEM can control lighting, sound, video images and messages as well as animated robotics and smoke machines. It can sense your presence, tag you, and be tagged. Positioned strategically around the arena, GEMs can be set to behave in numerous modes honed for inspiring intuitive interactions.


Sensing You

There are many ways the GEM can sense you. As standard it comes with a presence detector. Alternatively sensor mats, laser-trips or any other type of external trigger can be themed into the game. Added to that, the GEM can also identify you through infrared, so selective responses can be configured.


Video Display

GEMs can link to a screen or projector of your choosing which can display messages, graphics or video in accordance with the role or theme of the GEM or it can provide clues and game prompts.


High-Quality Sound

Like the Pack the GEM is a fully interactive sound effects and music machine. It can pump out multi voiced sequences and samples synced to lighting effects or animated characters to really entrance you.



GEMs can be used in any roles you can think of - a team base or territory, a goal, a giver or taker, an infector or curer, a villain or a guardian, or a trigger for an event somewhere else in the game. Your imagination is the limit.



Up to 48 Blobs can be attached to a GEM which can act as independent targets and displays. The distinctive eye shape of the Blob makes it the natural target on the face of a themed creature. Sequences can be synchronised to animated targets or characters within the game.