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Laser Tag Equipment - The DarkLight V7 Syatem - DarkLink
Playes and GEMs are linked using DarkLight’s dedicated wireless network.



DarkLight's dedicated wireless network

At the core of the system is DarkLink™, our purpose-built wireless technology. It can unite up to 128 packs and 64 GEMs (Game Enhancement Modules) in up to 256 zoned spaces. Together they all become one great interactive machine.

DarkLink™ is faster and more controllable than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and, via a network of our dedicated radio modems, it can reliably cover large areas. It can talk to up to 100 units a second, speedily monitoring and responding to game events.

DarkLink Radio Coverage

The DarkLink™ radio protocol is a very extensive language of commands and status up-dates from Game Control to and from the Packs and GEMs. The Packs and the GEMs also monitor each other, knowing each other's statuses, making them able to react differently in every case allowing for a huge variety of finely tuned intuitive interactions.



All local player interactions and arena zoning use infrared. A versatile yet simple protocol allows extremely fast and reliable communications. Infrared can be shone in a tight or a wide beam making it perfect for tagging very specific targets or all targets within range in any direction, simulating all sorts of interactions. The role of the laser is as an aiming aid and effect.



Through DarkLink™ all Packs and GEMs are synchronised. They all share one clock and their actions and interactions can be perfectly timed.  This includes lighting and sound effects but most importantly the music played by all the Packs and GEMs is synchronised to the background music making one omnipresent interactive soundtrack.


Wireless Uploading

All configuration files and sounds can be uploaded to all Packs and GEMs via DarkLink™ at the touch of a button. This gives DarkLight an unprecedented level of flexibility and design agility in the creation of new games, themes and interactive concepts which can be seamlessly delivered to operators across the Globe.


Remote Diagnostics

The Packs and GEMs are monitored continuously to make sure they are always performing optimally. By logging radio response times, signal strengths, battery voltages, temperatures and power consumption, the performance of the Packs can be easily optimised to suit operational needs. Reports can be generated easily visible to managers and our support team so the system can be easily fine tuned. 



All our control software works on standard PCs running Windows 7 to 10. Depending on your set-up we normally supply several identical computers each of which can carry out any and all of the following roles.



DarkLink™ operates on the Comms computer. We recommend that this is housed as close to the Arena as possible, preferably in a dedicated control room.


Game Control

Being where you start, stop and configure games, it is best to have this computer close to the vesting room allowing easy access to the Packs for testing and players as they enter the arena. Again, ideally this is situated in a dedicated control room.  


Live Scoring Monitor

This is normally positioned in the reception area for accompanying non-players to watch game events and scores. This can drive multiple screens. You can also put them in the Arena for players to monitor their own progress.


Point of Sale (POS)

This lives at the front desk. you can have as many as you need to cope with demand. Our basic POS software handles simple sales, bookings, pack allocation and membership. Kiosks can be added to allow for personal customer access. Our advanced POS software handles complex sales packages and internet sales. We also enable integration into other POS systems.