Laser Tag Equipment - The DarkLight V7 Phaser
The 2 handed aiming device used to tag opponents, also provides visual and audio feedback to the player about game events



Innovative shape

Designed for comfort, safety and indestructibility the new DarkLight V7 Stealth Phaser is all curves. The nose and top are enshrouded in smooth, rounded shock proof foam. Young faces and internal components are protected from impact.

Phaser side (red/blue)

Comfortably indestructible

Moulded from polycarbonate/ABS, the handles slot perfectly into your natural hand positions as you aim straight ahead.



Vivid Display

Angled towards your face, the bright yellow text on a deep-black screen keeps you up to date with everything going on at a glance - in any Cyrillic or English alphabet language.

Phaser Vivid OLED Display

Sonic sensations

Stereo sounds and music accompany every event in the game. They are crisp, loud and clear (13W) with deep bass response that you can really feel (50Hz).



Visual scintillation

Blob™ eye tag targets are positioned on either side of the Phaser's face. They can display a huge variety of brilliant patterns according to team, trigger modes, tag responses, powers and states. Blobs™ can be tagged from every angle.

Phaser blobs

Haptic vibrations

Positioned in the front and back handles are high G vibrator motors. You can truly feel the pulses, chugs, swells and recoil dancing between your hands and your body, playing off the sounds.

Phaser triggers

Eternally smooth trigger

Hinged on roller bearings, the back trigger rotates effortlessly back and forth. It has a life of over 10 million clicks.


Superfast laser guided infrared

Options of either red, green or blue eye-safe lasers guide your front tag beam. Calibrated for both accuracy and ease of tagging the infra red beam is set to have a diameter of 50cm at 20m and can shoot up to 20 tags a second.