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Laser Tag Equipment - The DarkLight V7 Game
Not just a laser tag game, it is a platform where almost any computer game can be played in actual space!




Laser tag and Beyond!


DarkLight V7 is not just a laser tag game; it is a platform upon which almost any computer game can be played in actual space. The power and versatility of the DarkLight V7 System allows us to bring all these adventures that were previously only possible in virtual space into a real environment.

From Star Wars to Harry Potter, Goldeneye to Doom and everything in between, we can now create any game in any theme and truly immerse you in the experience. This is truly a game changer!


Trigger modes


Select your trigger mode by double-clicking the front trigger

Whilst being able to choose accurate simulators of assault rifles and rocket launchers, flame throwers or long bows, trigger modes needn't be just weapons. For example you can pick up objects, steal or heal, pass the ball or cast spells. Every other gadget in the game knows your trigger mode and will react accordingly in the most realistically intuitive fashion. 


Choose between a Flame Thrower, a Long Bow, Magic Wand and more.  "Expelliarmus!"


States + Themes


A player state is a mode that the player is in, such as invisibility, invulnerability or a beacon. Depending on the theme, any character roles such as medic, vampire, bowman, dragon or werewolf can be defined.  You are in no doubt what state you are in - the quality and power of the Blob lights, speaker sounds and vibrator effects completely immerses you.


Games can be themed across the whole arena via the lights, projections and ambient sound, but with the Packs and GEMs you have the addition of interactive sounds and music as well as vibrator patterns. If you want a sport theme the sounds of the crowd applauding or booing or coach yelling will accompany you everywhere and respond according to your achievements and status.  In a horror theme you will feel your heart beat harder and faster, your breathing heavier and shivers sent up your spine to the tension of Psycho violins or Jaws cellos. The whole environment can be honed to amplify the experience, affecting all your senses so you really feel what is going on.


Solo or Team

Missions can be undertaken as individuals, teams or characters. For classic laser tag the packs can display up to eight team colours. For characters, such as zombie/vampire or werewolf, specific sounds and descriptive Blob displays show the given state.

"We are one!" - Teams can be bound together by much more than their score. Ammo, health, trigger modes, states and powers can be shared requiring players to be more co-operative. Alternatively, roles within teams can be defined so each player has different characteristics or trigger modes.



Every part of the arena can be zoned. Zones can be used to define themed spaces, for example The Swamp, Ice Palace, Catacombs or The Sin Bin. They can also be used to designate territory which can be gained and lost within a game. Having the option to zone areas allows a whole new dimension to the types of game scripts that can be set - you might need the ball of thread to escape the labyrinth where the Minotaur dwells.


Maybe you need air to survive the vacuum of space or depths of the ocean; a heat shield to protect you from burning in the lava flow. Take shelter in the bunker when the bombs are falling and make sure you bring anti-venom into the forest where the arachnids lurk. Your Pack will always know where you are and relevant interactions with your environment take place continually throughout the arena.


Prompts and Messages


Themed sounds, voices and messages accompany all events within the game. If in doubt, your screen will tell you what is going on. The power and intelligence of the game software enables real time guidance so no player is left confused.... except when the game wants them confused!



Handicaps can be implemented as the game plays to directly affect how easy it is. Not just points - the length of time of a power up, quantity of ammo or health, the number of active Blob targets, the brightness of Blob lights or shielding. All can be related to current rank or preset member handicaps to balance the game.


The best of laser tag gaming

Being able to configure the system for any game, DarkLight can emulate laser tag games from other manufacturers.... and make them better!